Weather Ready Nation – National Preparedness Month


The South Plains are no stranger to some of Mother Nature’s fury. And while it has been some time since disaster has struck, our region can see just about any kind of hazard that can force you to make life changing decisions.

Jody James, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist from the National Weather Service explains, “We can have hazardous materials, we can have wildfires like we’ve seen in Colorado and California recently. And then all the different types of weather, flooding, hurricanes, severe weather, tornadoes. So it’s just to be prepared, be prepared to evacuate your home if that is required. When you do that, you have to start having things like communication plans, and a go-bag and other things because you may be out of your routine in a very big way for some time”

Thankfully, now is the time to prepare. And with the help from FEMA and the National Weather Service, there are simple steps you can take now that will help you if and when disaster strikes.

“Well the first thing is just to have a plan. And one of the most important parts of that is being able to communicate before, during, and after a disaster. Sometimes people get separated and it’s tough to know if someone is okay, or where they’re located. Second thing is to build a kit, a go-bag. What you want in that is anything that you would need to get by for a few days or maybe a week or more. Any medicines that you have to take, pretty important there. Documents, maybe birth certificates, any important documents where maybe if your home was flooded or other things happen where you would be able to access that information. And the last thing, let folks know about being prepared. Remind your friends, your relatives, if you have parents or grandparents. Just spread the word. And if everyone is prepared it’s much easier when a disaster does happen. Because as I have mentioned before, disasters don’t necessarily check your day planner to see if it’s a good day for that.”

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